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Fire-resistant and heat-insulating coating for woodwork.

Product description

Thermodon-TOP composition contains the mixture of ceramic microspheres and light-weight mineral fillers in the solvent-based synthetic binder solution. Designed to create a fire-resistant coating, which forms a heat-reflective insulating layer; this layer protects constructions from combusting under fire conditions.

Application sphere

This composition is used for fire protection of wood and woodwork, which are exploited inside the rooms with non-aggressive media and relative humidity 80% maximum.

It provides the 1 category of fire resistance according to GOST 16363.


Property Value
Color: Light gray
Packaging: 20 or 25 kg
Density of composition: 700-900 kg/m3
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances : Not less than 45%
Drying time to an extent of 3 : 1 hour maximum
Warranty period of storage: 1 year
Time of service of the coating: 10 years minimum
Consumption in order to get 1 category of fire resistance 825 g/m2
Thermal conductivity of the coating: no more than 0,015 W/(m*K)

Supporting documents

  • TU U 24.3-13481691-011:2009
  • Certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO (download) - till 27.05.2017
  • Expert Report on determination of fire resistance
  • MSDS

Features and advantages of composition and coating

  1. Good heat-insulating characteristics (the composition includes hollow microspheres, up to 50%).
  2. Thermodon-Top is incombustible material, which, being applied on the wood, provides the 1 category of fire-resistance according to 16363.
  3. Heat-insulating coating has good water-resistant and anticorrosive properties; prevents condensation.
  4. It maintains flame-resistant properties and mechanical characteristics of wood for over 10 years.
  5. Wide range of temperature at which it is possible to operate the coating: -20 to+150C.
  6. High antiseptic properties, prevents the emerging of funguses and molds.
  7. Strong adhesion to wooden surfaces.
  8. Good aesthetic properties and the possibility of tinting.
  9. Does not contain any hazardous components.
  10. It is possible to apply paint using different methods.
  11. Operation under conditions of high humidity is possible.
  12. Using the composition Thermodon-Top saves your time and money.

Application terms:

The composition is supplied ready for application. Its allowed to dilute materials with solvent up to 5% of mass if needed. The composition can be applied manually using brushes, as well as mechanically using the aggregates for pneumatic or airless spraying.
Consumption of the composition should be 0.825 kg/m2 minimum. This amount of paint is applied mechanically in 1 layer or manually in 2 layers. Drying the coating between applying each layer should last not less than 1 hour at the temperature of 15C or more and humidity near 70%. If the temperature is less than 15C and humidity is higher the time of drying increases.

Service conditions:

This composition is used inside the rooms with natural ventilation and non-aggressive media; its possible to use it in occasionally heated rooms at the temperature between -10C to +150C and relative humidity 80% maximum.

After drying of coating you can add paints and enamels of low combustibility (sold under brands "XC, , ") in order to improve water-resistance, resistance to aggressive environments, or different colors.

Security measures:

The material and coating based on it are low-toxic substances according to Safety Data Sheet (IV hazard category according to 12.1.007). The dried coating does not have any harmful effect on the human body

According to the results of sanitary-epidemiological expertise, the composition complies with the sanitary legislations of Ukraine (State sanitary-epidemiological expertises report 05.03.02-04/60290).