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Water-dispersion antibacterial paint of low combustibility for indoor use.

Product description

EVAFARB-INTERIOR is a water-dispersion paint of white color. It is possible to tint it by using pigment concentrates in order to get different colors and shades. A distinctive feature of this paint is the combination of fire-protective and biocidal characteristics for both: paint and coating based on it.

Application sphere

EVAFARB-INTERIOR material is used for finishing buildings and installations with brick, concrete, plastered, wooden and other porous surfaces, as well as primed metal surfaces.

EVAFARB-INTERIOR coating is highly effective against bacterias (including causative agents of tuberculosis, aurococcus, colibacillus), funguses (including candidiasis, dermatophilaceae), molds. This is achieved by adding modified polyhexamethyleneguanidine and silver ions to the compound.

According to 5.24 DBN V.1.1-7, EVAFARB-Interior can be used for finishing of walls, ceilings, suspended ceilings, entrance halls, corridors, halls, foyers, stairwells, lift halls and air locks in the buildings of all categories of fire resistance.

Moreover, EVAFARB-Interior is approved for painting the walls, ceilings and woodworks in medical institutions, schoolhouses,sport or entertainment centers so as to reduce the level of microbial contamination.


Property Value
Color: White (tinting with pigment pastes is possible)
Packaging: Buckets of 25 kg
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances: Not less than 50%
Drying time to an extent of 3 : 2 hours maximum
Consumption: 150-250 g/m2
Warranty period of storage: 6 months minimum
Time of service of the coating 5 years minimum
Combustibility group 1(low-combustible)
Flammability group 1(hardly flammable)
Smoke-forming ability group 1(low smoke-forming ability)
Toxicity class of combustion products T1(low-hazard)
Hazard category according to GOST 12.1.007 Category IV (marginally hazardous)

Supporting documents

  • Technical specifications TU U 20.3-13481691-013:2013;
  • . Certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO (download ) - till 27.05.2017 .
  • State Sanitary-epidemiological Expert Review;
  • Technological instruction on the application (download);
  • Expert Report on determination of biocidal properties of EVAFARB-INTERIOR;
  • Expert Report on prolonged (after 6 months after painting) determination of biocidal properties of EVAFARB-INTERIOR;
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Features and advantages

  • High effectiveness against bacteriasbacterias (including causative agents of tuberculosis, aurococcus, colibacillus), funguses and molds;
  • Its recommended for use in medical institutions, schoolhouses, sport or entertainment centers so as to reduce the level of microbial contamination;
  • The combination of fire-protective and biocidal characteristics for both: paint and coating based on it;
  • Ecological safety;
  • Fire protection;
  • Aesthetic appearance ;
  • High adhesive strength ;

Application terms:

1. It is recommended to lay the materials on prepared surface.

2. The materials should be mixed thoroughly in order to obtain homogenous mass before using. Its allowed to dilute materials with water up to 5% of mass if needed.

3. . The materials can be applied manually using fleyts, rollers, as well as mechanically using the aggregates for pneumatic or airless spraying.

4. The materials should be applied at temperatures above +5 and relative humidity up to 80%. You can get the coatings of various colors by using colorant pastes and other dyes for water paints according to consumption norms and the manufacturers recommendations.

5. Application during rain, fog and other precipitations is prohibited. The optimal conditions for applying the paint are: the relative humidity near 60% and the ambient temperature of 20. In these conditions the paint dries after 2-4 hours. In case of lower temperature and high humidity drying time increases up to 24 hours.

6. The materials are applied to the surfaces in one-three layers evenly. The number of layers may be increased; it depends on the substrate, on the way of application and on the quality of painting. For a simple painting one or two layers of material are usually enough, for enhanced or high quality painting at least 3-4 layers are needed. You can be guided by the norms of consumption of polyvinyl acetate paints according to DBN D.1.1-1-2000 The rules for determining the cost of construction.

7. The material consumption for one layer if its applied to prepared surface is 150-250 g/m2. It depends on the surface roughness, layer thickness, and also on the substrates absorbency, climatic conditions and application method. Using tools of law quality and inadequate qualification of a painter may affect the consumption and quality of finishing work.

8. The material consumption for one layer if the surface was not prepared can significantly increase to about 250-500 g/m2.

9. Tools, containers as well as any spots of painting should be washed with water in no more than 10-15 minutes after the completion of the work and before the materials dry.

Service conditions:

EVAFARB-FAÇADE coating, which was obtained according to the technical instructions, can be operated in closed rooms with natural ventilation where the climate is not artificially controlled. The fluctuations of temperature and humidity inside the room should be considerably smaller than on open air (it means the absence of precipitation, of direct sunlight as well as low condensation or absence of it). It is possible to apply coating in occasionally heated rooms where the temperature is between -10 and +40 and humidity less than 80% (according to GOST 15150 U3.1).

Security measures:

The material and coating based on it are low-toxic substances according to Material Safety Data Sheet (non-hazardous). The dried coating does not have any harmful effect on the human body.