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Fire-protective intumescent compound for steel, timber and cables. Solvent based

Product description

Packaged and shipped as two separate components: solution of polymer in solvent (component I) and mixture of antipyrenes, thermoexpandable graphite and fillers (component II). When mixed, the components yield intumescent composition which forms intumescent fire-protective coating on different surfaces. Under fire condition the coating expands forming heat-insulating layer, thus preventing constructions from heating.

Field of application

Indoor for enhancing fire resistance rate of steel and wood structures, cables in non-corrosive atmosphere at relative humidity no more than 80%

Composition allows to:

  • increase fire resistance rate of steel structures to R60
  • provide fire-protective efficiency group I for wood
  • provide flame retardant cables in bundles with category A F/R
  • provide EI-90 fire resistance rate for cable penetrations

Technical data

Property Value
Color: Dark gray
Packaging: 24 kg (component I)
9 kg (component II)
Mass density: 0,85 +/- 0,02 g/cm3
Mass fraction of non-volatile compounds: no less than 35%
Drying time to an extent of 3: no more than 2 hr
Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months (two-component system)
3 months (after mixing)
Service life of coating: over 12 years
Consumption to obtain 1 mm layer 2,18 kg/m2
Consumption to provide fire-protective efficiency group I 360,4 g/m2

Normative and technical data

Fire-protective composition Endoterm -150 is certified for industrial production and meets the fire safety regulations DBN .1.1-7-2002, DSTU B V.1.1-13:2007 (EN 1365-3:1999, NEQ).

  • TU U 13481691.01-97
  • Certificate of Conformity (for wood)
  • Certificate of Conformity (for cables and cable penetrations)
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

  • high adhesion to all surfaces;
  • provides anticorrosive protection for metal constructions;
  • resistance to various aggressive media and mechanical action, wide operating temperature range from -40 +60;
  • versatility in use: fire protection of metal and wood, polyurethane foam, cable products, air ducts, and plastics;
  • stability of fire-protective properties during long-term operation in humid atmosphere.

Priority areas of usage are nuclear electric power plants, defense industry and specialized strategic facilities of enhanced technogenic, environmental and radiation hazard.

Application conditions:

At a temperature range 0 to +35 and relative air humidity below 70%.

Operating conditions:

The coating can be used in heated self-ventilated enclosed spaces in non-corrosion environment and seasonally heated spaces at a temperature range from -40 to +60 and atmospheric humidity no more than 80%).

The coating with protective layer (component I alone or weatherproof enamels) can also be used in unheated and roof spaces at a temperature range from -40 to +60 and atmospheric humidity up to 100%.

Service life of coating in mildly corrosive environment:

  • Endoterm -150: 10 years;
  • primer /Endoterm -150/lacquer: 12 years.

Protective measures:

Fire-protective composition and coating are both materials with low toxicity (substance hazard category IV according to GOST 12.1.007). Dry coating is harmless for human and environment.