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Fire-protective intumescent coil coating ENDOTERM XT-150 RPV-2 (foiled)

Fire-protective coil coating for steel air lines. EI 45, EI 90.

Product description

Flexible needled glass cloth covered by corrugated aluminum foil on the one side and fire-protective coating "Endoterm XT-150" on the other.

Field of uses

Designed for indoor non-corrosive environment at relative air humidity up to 100%. Suitable for enhancing fire-resistance of metal (steel) air lines for ventilation, air conditioning, aspiration and fume removal systems.

Coil coating provides fire resistance limit up to EI 45 (single-layer) and EI 90 (double-layer).

Technical data

Property Value
Color: silvery from the front and gray rearward
Packaging: coils 14 m ² in area
Guaranteed shelf life: 18 months
Service life of coating: over 12 years

Normative and technical data

Fire-protective coil coating Endoterm XT-150 is certified for industrial production and meets the fire safety regulations DBN V.1.1-7-2002, DSTU B V.1.1-16:2007 (EN 1366-1:1999, NEQ).

  • TU U 13481691.01-97
  • Certificate of Conformity UkrSEPRO (download)- till 27.05.2017
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

  • high stability to aggressive atmosphere and mechanical actions;
  • wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to +60;
  • stability of fire-protective properties on long-term operation under wet conditions;
  • nearly unrestricted operating life;
  • safe to handle, high labor productivity;
  • high aesthetic characteristics.

Application conditions:

Temperature range from 0 to +35 and relative air humidity not above 80%.

Operating conditions:

Coil coating can be used in unheated and roof spaces at a temperature range from -40 to +60 and atmospheric humidity up to 100%

Security measures:

No hazardous. MSDS