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Fire-protective intumescent coil coating ENDOTERM XT-150 RPU, RPV-1

Fire-protective coil coating for steel air lines, doors and gates and barriers

Product description

Flexible fire-protective intumescent materials

Technical data

Fire-protective intumescent coil coating ENDOTERM XT-150 RPU (sealing) is designed for sealing and fire doors, gates and barriers, fire dampers, duct flanges to prevent the breakdown of fire and flammable gas through the gap in the case of fire.

Fire-protective intumescent coil coating ENDOTERM XT-150, RPV-1 is designed to increase the fire resistance of metal (steel) air ducts for ventilation, air conditioning, smoke extraction and operated indoors with non-aggressive environment and relative humidity up to 100%.

Coil coating can provide fire resistance limit of air ducts up to EI 60.

Technical data

Property Value
Color: dark-gray
Packaging: coils 6 m² in area
Guaranteed shelf life: 18 months
Service life of coating: over 12 years
Thikness to provide EI 60: Not less than 3mm

Normative and technical data

  • TU U 13481691.01-97
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

  • high stability to aggressive atmosphere and mechanical actions;
  • wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to +60;
  • stability of fire-protective properties on long-term operation under wet conditions;
  • nearly unrestricted operating life;
  • safe to handle, high labor productivity;

Application conditions:

Temperature range from 0 to +35 and relative air humidity not above 80%.

Operating conditions:

Coil coating can be used in unheated and roof spaces at a temperature range from -40 to +60 and atmospheric humidity up to 100%


No hazardous. MSDS.