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Fire-protective intumescent paint for wood, cable lines and cable penetrations

Product description

The mixture of phosphate-graphite antipyrenes, paint pigments and fillers in water-based polymer solution. During combustion the coating expands to form heat-insulating layer, thus preventing the constructions from combustion and flame-spread.

Scope of application

Is used for fire protection of wood and cable products, operated indoors with non-aggressive environment and relative humidity less than 80%.

Provides fire-protective efficiency "group I" to GOST 16363-98.

Technical data

Property Value
Color: light-gray
Packaging: 25 kg
Mass density: 1,20 +/- 0,02 g/cm3
Mass fraction of non-volatile compounds: not less than 45%
Drying time to an extent of 3: No more than 10 hr
Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months
Service life of coating: over 6 years
Consumption to provide fire-protective efficiency group I 302 g/m2

Normative and technical data

Fire-protective composition Endoterm 400201 is certified for industrial production and meets the fire safety regulations DBN V.1.1-7-2002, GOST 16363-98.

  • TU U 13481691.005-2001.
  • Certificate of Conformity UkrSEPRO (download) - till 27.05.2017
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

  • low consumption, high adhesion to wood surfaces;
  • high aesthetic characteristics;
  • suitable for high-performance mechanized application;
  • antiseptic and biocidal properties

Ready for use; when needed, dilution with a solvent in amounts of no more than 10 % is allowable.

Application conditions:

At a temperature range from +5 to +40 and relative air humidity not above 80%.

Operating conditions:

The coating can be used in the heated self-ventilated enclosed spaces in non-corrosion environment as well as seasonally heated spaces in a temperature range from -10 to +40 and atmospheric humidity no more than 80%

For increased moisture and corrosion resistance and colorization, dry surface of fire-protective coating can be treated with low-combustible paints and enamels..

Security measures:

Not hazardous. Dried coating is harmless for human.