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Fire-protective plaster for steel

Product description

Dry mixture of hydraulic binders, inert low-density fillers and purpose-oriented additives. Application of the material requires mixing it with water. The coating serves as a heat insulator, thus preventing building constructions against exposure to fire. Environmentally friendly composition without hazardous and toxic components, does not form smoke during combustion.

ATTENTION: to enhance adhesion it is necessary to apply ENDOPRIME adhesive primer or other primer before applying fire-protective material.

Scope of application

Increases fire resistance of steel structure to R120 - R180

Physical characteristics

Characteristic Value
Color: off-white
Packaging: 25 kg
Density of dry mixture: 0,30 +/- 0,03 g/cm3
Density of coating: 0,45 - 0,60 g/cm3
Thermal conductivity of coating: 0.12 W/m
Guaranteed shelf life: 1 year
Service life of coating: over 10 years
Consumption to obtain 10 mm thick coating 4,5 kg/m2

Technical data and documentation

  • TU U 24.3-13481691-007-2003.
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Application guideline
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

Dry mixture easily transported and stored; long-term shelf life; safe and easy application of the coating; no smoke formation or toxic combustion products formation; stability of physical, mechanical and fire-protective properties of the coating after short-term exposure to fire; minimum weight load on building elements and structures.

Application conditions:

At a temperature range from +5 to +40 and relative air humidity 80% or less.

Operating conditions:

The coating can be used inside self-ventilated enclosed spaces in non-corrosive environments as well as seasonally heated spaces at a temperature range from -20 to +50 and atmospheric humidity no more than 90%.

Security measures:

Not hazardous. Check MSDS for more information.