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Fire-protective boards ENDOTERM 210104

Fire-protective boards for load-carrying steel constructions, air lines, reinforced concrete panels, ventilation and cable ducts

Product description

Non-combustible construction material on the basis of hydraulic binders, inert low density fillers and purpose-oriented additives. Can be used as a fire-protective and heat-insulating barrier, thus preventing building constructions against exposure to fire. Fumeless, environmentally friendly composition without hazardous and toxic compounds

Field of uses

Fire-protective boards Endoterm are designed for protection of metal constructions, air lines, reinforced concrete panels, cable passages, as well as in fabrication of non-combustible and heat-insulating ventilation and cable ducts. The boards provide enhanced fire-resistance limit of structural metal constructions up to R240.

Technical data

Property Value
Color: Light-grey
Mass density: 0,95 (+/- 15%) g/cm3
Guaranteed shelf life: 3 years
Service life: over 30 years

Normative and technical data

Fire-protective boards Endoterm 210104 are certified for industrial production and meets the fire safety regulations DBN V.1.1-7-2002, DSTU B V.1.1-17:2007 (ENV 13381-4:2002, NEQ)

  • TU U 24.3-13481691-007-2003.
  • Certificate of Conformity UkrSEPRO (for steel) (download) - till 27.05.2017
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

  • dry-batched composition;
  • long-term shelf life;
  • versatility in use: fire protection of metal and concrete constructions, air lines;
  • complete noncombustibility, stability toward exposure to free flame;
  • safe to handle, high labor productivity;
  • no fume-forming and toxic combustion products;
  • stability of physical-mechanical and fire-protective properties during short-term exposure to fire;
  • minimum load on the building construction elements.
  • operating temperature range from -60 to +110.

    Application conditions:

    Temperature range from 0 to +40 and relative air humidity not above 80%

    Operating conditions:

    The coating can be used in the heated self-ventilated enclosed spaces in non-corrosion environment as well as seasonally heated spaces at a temperature range from -60 to +50 and atmospheric humidity no more than 90% .

    For increased moisture and corrosion resistance and colorization, the boards can be coated with low-combustible paints and enamels.

    Security measures:

    Not hazardous