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Fire-protective intumescent paint for steel and wood. Water based

Product description

Water-based intumescent composition. During combustion the coating expands to form heat-insulating layer, thus preventing the construction from overheating or combusting.

Scope of application

Designed to improve fire resistance to steel structural elements and wood (indoor operation).

Endoterm 170205 coating increases fire resistance of steel structures up to R90. Limits the flammability of wooden structures (1 category according to GOST 16363).

Physical characteristics

Characteristic Value
Color: white
Packaging: 25 kg
Density: 1,20 +/- 0,02 g/cm3
Non-volatile compounds content: no less than 55%
Drying time: no more than 3 hrs
Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months
Service life of coating: more than 10 years
Consumption to obtain 1 mm thick coating 1,8 kg/m2
Consumption for fire protection of wood 0,25 kg/m2

Technical data and documentation

  • YU U 24.3-13481691-009-2004
  • Certificate of Conformity for fire protection of steel
  • Certificate of Conformity for fire protection of wood
  • Application guidelines
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

Long-term service life, strong adhesion to metal and wooden surfaces; possibility of tinting to obtain required colors; easy to apply on any surfaces.

Ready for use; if needed, a water in amounts of up to 10 % can be added to adjust consistency.

Application conditions:

At a temperature range from +5 to +40 and relative air humidity 80% or less.

Operating conditions:

The coating can be used in the heated enclosed self-ventilated spaces in non-corrosive environment, as well as in the seasonally heated spaces at a temperature range from -10 to +40 and atmospheric humidity no more than 80%.

For increased water resistance and corrosion resistance, non-combustibile top coatings can be additionally applied on top of the fire-protective coating.

Security measures:

Non hazardous. Check MSDS for more information.