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Fire-protective ring for plastic pipes ENDOTERM XT-150

For plastic pipes penetrations

Product description

Cylinder-shaped article made from intumescent material.

Property Value
Inner diameter d*, not less than, mm 32 - 110
height h, not less than, mm 30 +/- 3
Thickness l, not less than, mm 25 +/- 3

Field of uses

The article is mounted on polypropylene pipes in water supply and sewerage systems, and pneumatic connections for enhanced fire resistance of the walls, partition walls, overhead covers and other building envelopes as well as for prevention of the fire and fume propagation in buildings and constructions.

Fire-protective ring provides fire resistance limit of plastic pipes penetrations up to EI 180.

Property Value
Color: gray
Mass fraction of volatile compounds: no more than 3%
Guaranteed shelf life: 12 months
Service life of coating: over 12 years

Normative and technical data

Fire-protective ring Endoterm -150 is certified for industrial production and meets the fire safety regulations DBN V.1.1-7-2002, DSTU B V.1.1-8:2003 (prEN 1366-3:1996, NEQ).

  • TU U 13481691.01-97
  • Certificate of Conformity UkrSEPRO (download)- till 27.05.2017
  • MSDS

Features and advantages

High fire resistance , ease of installation (dismantling ) design , no special maintenance in the process of building maintenance , long service life , resistance to moisture and corrosive environments.

Changing the shape of the ring (cuff) with a aim to fit a building structure is not permitted. If the exercise of mounting ring simultaneously with the installation of the pipeline is not possible, cut the ring into two equal parts.

To seal the gap between the outer surface of the sleeve and the inner surface of the mounting opening in the wall, wherein the ring has been installed , using a cement-sand mortar . At the same time marking label cuff should remain on the surface of the enclosing structure.

Application conditions:

Temperature range from -20 to +40 and relative air humidity not above 100%.

Operating conditions:

Can be used in unheated and roof spaces at a temperature range from -40 to +60 and atmospheric humidity up to 100%.

Security measures:

According to toxicological data sheet, the coil coating is low-toxicity material (substance hazard category IV to GOST 12.1.007) and harmless for human.