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ENDOPRIME adhesive primer

Primer to enhance the adhesion of plaster materials

Product description

Water-dispersion primer for surface conditioning before plastering. (including "Endoterm 210104")

Field of uses

"Endoprime" is designed to handle different kinds of metal and concrete structures before applying plaster or paint coatings for internal and external works.

Primer " Endoprime " facilitates stacking decorative plasters, increases adhesion and operational reliability of decorative plasters and facade paints.

Technical data

Property Value
Color white
Packaging 25 kg
Mass density 1,32 +/- 0,02 g/cm3
Mass fraction of non-volatile compounds no less than 35%
Drying time to an extent of 3 no more than 3 hr
Guaranteed shelf life 6 month


Before applying the primer must be thoroughly mixed. The primer is applied to the base with a brush or mechanized uniform layer at a temperature of +5 C to +40 C and relative humidity not more than 80%.

Security measures:

Composition and coating based on it is fire-and explosion safe product. Not hazardous. MSDS