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Bitumen-polymer composition BPM-SM

Weatherproof and chemical resistant materials

Product description

This composition is a two-component system, which was obtained by mixing 45 weight percent of polymer component and 55 weight percent of bituminous component.
The polymer component of this composition is lacquer "-734" according to TU U 13481691.003-99. And the bituminous component consists of bitumen solution in the mixture of organic solvents, fillers and modifying agents.

Application sphere

Composition is designed for repair of roof coverings, for waterproofing and corrosion protection of concrete and steel structures of newly constructed buildings, as well as an anti-corrosive primer for fire-protective compositions.

Material properties

Property Value
External view of the composition black viscous mass
Color of coating black, semi-mate with inclusions
Application conditions Temperature above +5C
Storage life of the composition 6 months

Supporting documents

  • TU U 26.8-13481691-008-2004
  • Technological instruction on the application (download)

Features and advantages

Coating can be operated outdoors under the influence of factors specific for moderate climate, at the temperature between -40C and +100C.

All the strength characteristics of the dried coating are finally formed after 10-12 days after applying the last layer of composition.