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Fire protection of buildings

According to researches of foreign and Ukrainian experts the effectiveness of fire-protective coating halfway depends on the quality of application of coating on the construction.

Our company includes constantly operating service center which deals with applying and subsequent warranty of coatings (repair, restoration, maintenance of aesthetic appearance).

The experts of the service group have undergone special training according to a state license to perform fire protection works. They are able to carry out a full range of services to provide effective fire protection:
  • researcheson pre-selection of the optimal system of anticorrosive and fire-protective coatings considering the conditions of operation;
  • development of construction documents and their examination for compliance with the requirements of fire safety;
  • implementation of fire protection works: preparation of surfaces, entrance control of materials, application of anticorrosive and fireproof compositions, acceptance of constructional work;
  • supervising the condition of the coating during its operation.

All the finished projects are necessarily coordinated with the fire safety authorities.

Service group is fitted with modern painting equipment, , which is necessary for the mechanized application of fireproof composition. The company supplies consumers with units for applying Endoterm paints as well as teaching customers staff how to proceed all kinds of work connected with application and maintenance of our coatings.

You can get any advice concerning the application of Endoterm coatings on the phone +38(062)381-12-29

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Implications of the two fires:

  • "A miser pays twice, and it turns out that iron burns. "
    → These photos were taken after fire on the object, where the fireproof works were not carried out!

  • "Penny and penny laid up will be many and wood does not burn even in fire!"

    → Video (3,7 Mb) — Surveillance camera footage of real fire, that occurred at one of the enterprises in Donetsk. The fire was all over inside the warehouse, and the burned car was standing near the door.

    → Photos — The building is saved!

    → A letter of thanks